Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Wizpert Spam

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Dear Wizpert,

You're spamming me. And you know what? I get it; I really do. I also have my own company and from what I can see, you're likely a small, New York-based startup with limited funding and high overhead. You have a dream and you want to keep it afloat.

I really get that. However, if your dream requires you to constantly spam people like me, I have an issue with that. Amusingly, I am one of the world's best-known experts in my field, but from everything I've read, Wizpert is a waste of my time.

Curtis "Ovid" Poe

Dear everyone else,

If you're not familiar with wizpert, they're an online help desk. They get people to sign up as experts in a field and possibly earn money by answering questions for their customers. Not everyone's been thrilled with the experience, but the basic idea seems nice. That being said, I suspect they're struggling because they're spamming for experts. As it turns our, the spam is better than most and had they actually linked to my blog, I might have not realized it was spam (though I still wouldn't have signed up). However, they're clearly using software to "find" blogs on the Web and robomail people.

No names are redacted because there's no one innocent I'm protecting.
Hi Ovid, 
I was reading your blog https://metacpan.org/pod/Env::Export#AUTHOR and thought that your knowledge would be of great value to our users, who pay our experts a premium for advice. 
Our platform, called Wizpert, is a fast growing community of experts, where users seek advice and coaching on a wide range of topics, such as programming languages (PHP, C++, JavaScript, etc.), computers and more. 
If you decide to sign up, you will also get a customized Wizpert button to place on your blog - it will allow engaged readers to connect with you directly at your convenience for a live conversation. 
Please go to http://wizpert.com/register_expert?beta_key=computers  and create your quick profile - it doesn't cost you anything and takes just 2 minutes!  
For more information, pls see our FAQ section on the site, or feel free to contact me personally with any questions. 
All the best,
Michael Weinberg
Founder, CEO
Wizpert - NY, NY
The "blog" Weinberg refers to is actually software documentation (https://metacpan.org/pod/Env::Export#AUTHOR). Here's the text at that section (#AUTHOR) of the documentation:
Randy J. Ray <rjray at blackperl.com> 
Original idea from a journal posting by Curtis "Ovid" Poe (<ovid at cpan.org>), built on a sample implementation done by Steffen Mueller, <smueller at cpan.org>.
For those with a software background, you can see how this mistake could have been made. In fact, at no point in this software documentation are any of my blogs linked. Just one is mentioned. Nonetheless, Wizpert is spamming people trying to get more "experts" in their fold and this was a clumsy attempt. As it turns out, they've been doing this for quite some time and not bothering to try to hide it.

So, unethical behavior and crappy software. Nice.

Here's Wizpert:

And yes, there are plenty more out there. From what I understand, they were originally going with a hand-curated list, and then with a paid spam campaign, and then "word of mouth" would take over. Well, if they don't stop spamming, I'd certainly like a word of mouth campaign to begin ...

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