Thursday, 22 May 2014

Help me name Veure!

I'm currently working on the education system for my browser-based science fiction game, Veure, and things are coming along nicely. I can only work on it part time as I have another contract that actually pays the bills. We've also hired a very talented developer who's been helping me clean up many areas of the game which have heretofore been problematic.

The "Advanced Navigator" course display.
Click on the image for a larger version.

That brings me to my next problem. Note that in the upper right of the screen we have the name "Veure". That was my original planned name for the game, but I can't keep it. Not only is the word "Veure" too obscure for everyone who doesn't speak Catalan, domain squatters have the domain. I even sent them an email asking for the price of the domain, but they never responded. They're not very good squatters.

So that leaves me with a problem. What do I name the game? If you read my first post about Veure, you see that it's sort of "Mad Max meets Star Trek": a post-apocalyptic interstellar civilization trying to rebuild itself.

Click here for a working version of the star map.

But what do I call it? Since much of my initial work involved randomly generating various aspects (and then adding them to the database so that they're no longer random), I decided to try my hand at auto-generating possible names. My software came up with useless names like "Interstellar Decline", "Mankind Planetary Jeopardy", "Galactic Extermination Zone", and so on. Not only did it not serve to inspire me, but when I added all of the names to the private wiki I had on github, I broke github. Sure, the rest of github worked, but my 600K markdown file with roughly 26,000 possible names wouldn't load.

What happens when a github wiki page is too large.
As it turns out, github wikis are also git repos, so if you can't edit it online, you can clone it in git, make the needed changes and push the changes back.
git clone$username/$
(I might add that the one thing I want from github is to be able to assign time estimates to tickets; otherwise, it makes a great lightweight project management tool.)

And I'm stuck at square one. I still don't have a new name. Do you have any ideas? I would love to hear them. Let your ideas in the comments!

Names should convey one or more of the following themes:
  • Science fiction
  • Interstellar scope
  • Collapse of civilization
  • Unknown/impending threat
  • Adventure (?)
  • Available domain name
We considered the name "Extra Galactica" but we can't chance the legal issues. "Habitable Zone" is a great suggestion, but mankind is crowded into derelict space stations and those are not restricted to habitable zones. Any other suggestions very welcome. Until we have a name we're comfortable with, we can't push forward with our marketing efforts. We'd very much like the post-beta launch to bring in quite a bit of traffic, but without marketing it effectively beforehand, we're hamstringing ourself. And if you want to play the game, it wouldn't be as much fun without lots of other players, right?

And my apologies for a boring, but necessary legal disclaimer: by giving me a suggested name, you're disclaiming all rights to that name and you have the right to offer the name. I will, however, add you to the credits of the game unless you request that I don't (there's a page dedicated entirely to credits, including listing the rights to everything I've used, along with appropriate links). Given that this is an indie game and we're trying to launch something pretty significant on a shoestring, I simply can't take legal chances with anything that might cause grief down the road. I hope you understand.


  1. Hi,
    Did you choose a name for the civilisation?
    If you did.
    $name resurrection is good one, I think

  2. Galactic Doom, Star Bust

  3. I own the domain name ""