Monday, 24 March 2014

Veure Roadmap

Bulk Carrier
I've had a lot of interesting private reactions to my Veure post. Right now we're making plans on pushing it forward and seeing how we can make this work as a business.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Veure - The Game That Isn't

It's a sad fact that life has an annoying way of taking precedence over dreams. Several years ago I was working on a project codenamed Veure (the Catalan verb "to see"). People in my field would routinely ask me what it was about, but I didn't answer. I wanted it to launch as a surprise. Today I have to face the reality that my vision is greater than my free time. Running a successful business with my wife, traveling to conferences all over Europe and the US, along with trying to raise a daughter have meant that free time is something I have in limited supply.

Veure was nothing less than my attempt to create an MMORPG in Perl, but I'm a stubborn cuss and refuse to admit that Veure is dead. Who knows? Maybe this post can rekindle interest in it. 

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Ship's manifest for the Bootlegger "Serenity", a modified Corvette
with a small, hidden cargo area supplementing the main cargo.