Saturday, 12 May 2012

No, this isn't really funny

Update: It turns out that yes, she is mentally ill.

People have been replaying this for laughs:

Actually, I feel sorry for this woman. She's clearly nuts and the guy behind her is cracking up. She starts off with claiming ABC show Wipeout is “produced in Holland by gays, bis, and orgiers who like to see “people perishing.”

I have to confess that I was laughing at this. Her completely random and ludicrous remarks (by the way: all bisexuals go insane) sent me roaring. But then ugly reality reared its head and I realized that there are some people who would be swayed by her remarks. They're the same people who, back about 40 or so years ago, would have vehemently objected to me marrying my (black) wife. It's painful to see this.

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